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Note - Access

BAH allows users to see names and descriptions of analytic solutions but access to these solutions must be requested and approved.


The Business Analytics Hub (BAH) houses a centralized list of analytics and reports that use data from one or more Activity Hubs or is created from sources such as Oracle Financials Cloud and UCPath, among others.

Content added to the Business Analytics Hub is determine by Business Teams. Business Team are responsible for each data domain on BAH and can be reached via the link on each domain page.

Help for Report Consumers

How do I request access to a report?

Click on the link "Request Access" on the domain where the report is located.  This link will take you directly into the access request process.

Why doesn't the report run?

  • Are you using Chrome or Firefox?
  • Have you requested access?  Access can be requested for each BAH section via a link on the top right of the page.
  • Have you cleared your browser cache or tried a different browser?

Why am I getting an Login Type error?

In Cognos, if you are experiencing any login type errors when accessing the reports please clear your cache and cookies in order to reset the DUO connection. Follow the steps at this page and restart your browser. This will resolve your issue.

Why am I getting an Unable to Load Requested View error?

DUO connection to Cognos has timed out after 3 hours of inactivity.

Follow the steps on KB0030128 to clear the cache and cookies data from your web browser.

Why are my scheduled reports not appearing in my email?

In Cognos Production, if you have scheduled reports that you are not receiving the report as expected, clear your cache and cookies on your browser. Then see if you can run the report manually. If you can, close the report, go into the Properties of the report, click Schedule and Edit. In the Period section, add todays date and schedule 10 minutes in the future (Current Time + 10min). Click save. You should begin seeing the report sent based on your time interval.

If your issue persists use the 'Report Issue' link on the main page of BAH where you Launch your report.

What browser should I use for BAH?

Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers.

Safari and Oprah have know issues with some of the reports available on BAH.  Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer supported by Microsoft.

What do the acronyms and abbreviations mean?

UCSD keeps a running list of business acronyms and abbreviations.

Why does the report open in the same tab and not a new tab?

UCSD has a policy to support accessibility for all.  Opening a new tab limits accessibility.

  • Windows users can right click on the Launch button and select to 'Open Link in New Tab' if desired.
  • Mac users can Control+Click on the Launch button and select 'Open Link in New Tab' if desired.

How do I contact a Business Team?

Click on link "Ask Question / Report Issue" on the domain where the report is located.  This link will take you directly to the support team's contact form.

Will the link be going away?

No.  The link will redirect to indefinitely.

How do I notify the report developer of an issue with the report?

Click on link "Ask Question / Report Issue" on the domain where the report is located.  This link will take you directly to the Business team's support contact form.

How do I request a new report?

Click on the link "Request New Report" on the domain where you would like the new report listed.  This link will take you directly into the new report request process.

How do I submit a Business Analytics Hub issue that is not report related?

Email with screenshots of the issue.

How to I get help with UCPath Reports?

Technical Help for Report Developers

Where do I find Cognos Training?

The IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a web-based integrated business intelligence suite by IBM. It provides a toolset for reporting, analytics, score carding, and monitoring of events and metrics. The software consists of several components designed to meet the different information requirements in a company. 

Best practices and free online training can be found on the Blink Cognos Analytics page.

Where do I find Tableau Training?

Tableau desktop is a client application for Windows and Mac that emphasizes data discovery and interactive data visualization. 

Interactive workbooks designed in Tableau desktop can be shared with others on Tableau Server. UC San Diego enterprise licensing for Tableau server has been purchased through a partnership between Academic Affairs and Information Technology Services (ITS). As a result, there is no direct charge to use the campus server.

Best practices and free online training can be found on the Blink Tableau page.

What data is in the Activity Hubs?

Activity Hubs are the central repositories for UC San Diego's enterprise system data. This next-generation data warehouse provides data for reporting and analysis, allowing users to more efficiently and effectively aggregate and analyze data from student, alumni, employee, facilities, financial and research systems.

Each Activity Hub is comprised of several sets of data, called views, that are pre-joined to provide an easier, faster, more reliable and secure way to analyze both historical and new data from a centralized source.

The Activity Hub Field List is available for you to see the fields available in each view within each Activity Hub.

Quick Start Guides are available via the Communities of Practice Collab space (access required) for each view to help report developers get started with the data.  Join the Analytics Communities of Practice to learn more about BI tools and Activity Hub data at UCSD.

Technical Help for Business Teams

Business Teams are

  • Owners of the BAH domains
  • Responsible for the data on their domain
  • Responsible for identifying which reports go in their domain
  • Responsible for identifying the criteria for how reports will be reviewed and approved
  • Responsible for coordination with other Business Teams when it comes to blended reports
  • Provide awareness and reinforcement of roles and responsibilities to UCSD employees

Business Team delegates add, remove and edit report links and report metadata to the Business Analytics Hub.

How does a Business Team Add, Edit or Delete a report link?

Who does the Business Team contact for technical assistance?

Business Teams can contact ITS-BIA by emailing for support with the following:

  • New tabs.
  • Tab sorting.
  • Issues adding, editing or deleting reports.
  • Updating 'Make a Request', 'Request a New Report', 'Enhance a Report', 'Contribute a Report', 'Ask Question / Report Issue' and 'Request Access' links.
  • Requsting BAH editor access.